Perrotti Performance Design Home
Perrotti Performance Design Home

Perrotti Performance Design, LLC would like to offer many thanks to several individuals and organizations that have contributed greatly to the content of this web site and the development of several featured projects.

The photos and images presented on this website help to bring us all a little closer to the action. For their patience and perspective, we thank:

  • Sally Samins - Stars&Stripes'92, Stars&Stripes'95
  • Team Dennis Conner - Stars&Stripes and TDC battle flag logos
  • Citizen Watch Company - Stars&Stripes photo image
  • United States Merchant Marine Academy - America II
  • David Taylor Model Basis - IACC towing tank test
  • Bruce Rosen, South Bay Simulations, Inc. - SPLASH image
  • David Pedrick, Pedrick Yacht Design, Inc. - SPLASH image
  • Steve Lirakis & Anne Bohan - Columbia and Onawa
  • Earl McMillen, McMillen Yachts - Onawa under sail
  • Rand & Karen Watkins - Savannah
  • Paul Petronello, Freedom Yachts - Freedom 35, Freedom 40/40

We'd also like to extend our appreciation to:

  • David Pedrick - In his longstanding tenure as Chief Designer at Pedrick Yacht Designs, T.J. Perrotti helped to create many well-known sailing yachts. Working together, Perrotti and the Pedrick staff produced: Stars&Stripes'92, Stars&Stripes'95, Savannah, the Freedom 35, the Freedom 40/40, and several other innovative designs. T.J. would like to extend to David special thanks for his friendship and role as a mentor over many happy and productive years.
  • Robb Ladd & Geoff Van Gorkom - The exciting new Ladd 125' is being developed through a collaborative effort of Robb Ladd Yacht Design, Van Gorkom Yacht Design, and Perrotti Performance Design. Robb's stylistic vision of a performance-minded cruising ketch is enhanced with Geoff's prudent engineering of the hull and Perrotti's focus on the mechanics of the lifting-keel and rudder. We're proud to be part of this competent team.
  • Tom Roskelly - With imaginative skills beyond belief, Tom has generously offered his time and the support of Fleming & Roskelly to create the Perrotti Performance Design logo and presentation image. Further thanks are extended to Tom's associates, Mary K. Talbot, Tony Lush and Norma Burnell who have developed our press releases and this informative web site.
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