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Hissar is one three "Plastic Fantastic" composite Twelve Meters that were built by New Zealand for their participation in the 1986 / 1987 America's Cup challenger trials. Distinguished for their speed and victorious racing record, these Twelves were surrounded by controversy over their unique construction method.
Now under American ownership, Hissar is still maintained in top racing form. In preparation for a successful 2003 racing season, Perrotti Performance Design has extensively improved the keel with longer wings and a low-drag trim tab. Perrotti has also designed a new, high-aspect-ratio composite rudder for the yacht, along with a low-friction bearing system. Engineering for the project has been done in conjunction with Van Gorkom Yacht Design. Together, the underbody alterations of the keel and rudder offer much-improved responsiveness and sailing performance.

Perrotti Performance Design is pleased to help Hissar maintain her position in 2003 at the pinnacle of Twelve Meter racing.

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