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The "Team Dennis Conner" Battle Flag

T.J. Perrotti has spent most of his career in America's Cup competition. With indepth experience, he integrates the most advanced technology into these state-of-the-art designs. From Freemantle to San Diego to Auckland, Perrotti's insight and input have played critical roles in helping yachts achieve their ultimate performance potential.

The "Auld Mug"

Perrotti's design work includes International America's Cup Class (IACC) and Twelve Meter yachts such as:

  • Stars&Stripes'03 (USA-66 & USA-77) ~ Team Dennis Conner ~ IACC ~ 2003

  • Team Caribbean U.S. Virgin Islands ~ IACC ~ 2000

  • Stars&Stripes'95 (USA-34) ~ Team Dennis Conner ~ IACC ~ 1995

  • Stars&Stripes'92 (USA-11) ~ Team Dennis Conner ~ IACC ~ 1992

  • America II (US-42, US-44, US46) ~ Twelve Meters ~ 1987
The Cup's "need for speed" entails years worth of meticulous testing and research. Precise instrumentation and advanced computational tools are used to measure the smallest of design differences that ultimately translate into improvements in boat speed. Experienced sailors realize that each increment (every fraction of a knot) counts and that the collective sum leads to a successful campaign.

"Splash" CFD
(South Bay Simulations, Inc.)
Perrotti Performance Design can enhance your campaign with:

IACC Tank Test at
David Taylor
Model Basin
  • Towing tank and wind tunnel testing and analysis;

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) flow simulation and analysis, including the proprietary SPLASH computer code (via South Bay Simulations, Inc.);

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for optimized structural engineering;

  • Velocity Prediction Program (VPP) analysis, including proprietary and customized software;

  • On-the-water testing, data acquisition, and analysis; and

  • "Polar" targets for optimum performance.
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