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While the Twelve Meter is often most associated with racing in the America's Cup from 1958 to 1987, the class originated with the creation of the International Rule in 1906. The early Twelves, including a few gaff-rigged vessels, were built for European owners. As the class gained popularity, a consortium of American owners commissioned renowned naval architect Starling Burgess to design a six-boat fleet of near-identical Twelves built with pedigree at Abeking & Rasmussen.

Onawa 2001: A New Lease on Life!

Onawa's Graceful Framing:
Looking Forward

Onawa, the sixth of these American Twelves, was built for W. Cameron Forbes and launched in 1928. With sleek lines and graceful overhangs, Onawa was a formidable competitor on the racecourse. Following World War II, she fell on hard times and was eventually laid up with little care.

Onawa received a new lease on life in early 2000. Under the direction of McMillen Yachts, an expert team of craftsmen was assembled to fully rebuild her from stem to stern. The goal, however, was to make the yacht competitive with her class sisters from the late 1930's. To accomplish this, McMillen sought out the best in expertise and proven experience.

Perrotti's recent design improvements on Onawa include:

Fitting-Out Onawa's
New 2001 Keel

  • A new high-performance, low center-of-gravity racing keel;
  • A new mast step and structural framework;
  • A new sail plan with more powerful fore-triangle; and
  • Optimized flotation and rating.
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